Contact : gun.ceren@yahoo.it

My name is Ceren Gun.
I started my academic career with Industrial Design at Izmir University of Economics (Izmir, Turkey) and received an Associate Degree in 2011. By 2011 I have started to study Architecture at Politecnico di Milano and graduated with a Master's Degree in April 2017.
Through multi-disciplinary and international career background not only ignited my intellectuality in the creative sector but also helped me to discover myself and challenge my own boundaries. The specific skills I have developed thus far include a great capacity to understand the spirit and the particularities of spaces and to develop concepts and design strategies accordingly. As an architect, I got inspired by the immersive character that emerges between human and the environment. Enchanted by using different mediums as a tool of expressive independence, I continued to strive for a greater knowledge of architecture and design as an instrument that goes beyond predefined meanings by expressing a constant evolution of social and cultural environment, fulfilling the needs in different scales by actualizing atmospheric living environments.